Decoding laundry-laundry right

פענוח תווית כביסה-לכבס נכון
Laundry, a daily task that we all often involve ignoring laundry labels
 On our clothes. However, a simple discovery in 2023 led to a new laundry illumination
This blog describes our journey in the label, while sharing
Chapter 1: The discovery opens the eyes
We start our journey by re -visiting the day we encountered the hidden pearls of
. The labeling instructions
Phrases like "Before Laundry", "Place Dry" and "Do not put in the dryer" have suddenly received a new meaning
** Chapter 2: Declaration of Treatment Label Code **
In this chapter, we embark on a journey to decipher the enigmatic world of treatment symbols
We remove the language of laundry treatment symbols
And shed light on their importance in keeping our clothes
** Chapter 3: Duke in ER - Organization by Type of Fabric **
We challenge the accepted approach of laundry sorting by color only and deepening
In the benefits of laundry classification by cloth type
This strategy streamlines the cleaning process and extends the life expectancy of our clothes
** Episode 4: inside out to the longevity of the garment **
Turning clothes before washing may seem meaningless but it is revealed
When a decisive step in preserving fabric colors and resistance
We thank our previous supervision and emphasize the effect of this simple practice
** Chapter 5: Utilizing Power of Drying dependent **
It is impossible to underestimate the magic of external drying on a rope
We advocate the use of external drying and investigate its benefits, not only for the life of the garment but also for energy conservation.
** Chapter 6: The best lender of wool - special detergent **
For those with a tendency for wool items, a special detergent becomes necessary. We recognize the meaning of investment in the wool specified to maintain the pure state of the favorite sweaters.
** Chapter 7: Delicious Care in Wool **
The sensitivity of wool for laundry contraction is a common challenge. We provide a solution by emphasizing the importance of gentle stretching of wool clothing while moisturizing and placing them flat to dry.
** Episode 8: Coping with synthetic fabrics with the body bag **
Our focus goes to synthetic fabrics and their environmental influence. We present the body portfolio as a tool for preventing microplastick into water lanes and discussing the benefits of moving to natural fibers.
** Chapter 9: Refresh without washing - External Refresh hug **
In the last episode, we reveal a refreshing secret - the practice of hanging clothes outside to refresh them instead of washing. This ecological approach not only saves water but also extends the life expectancy of clothes
** Conclusion: Laundry Label Challenge- Lessons and Reumpet **
When we finish our journey through the label challenge, we think of the important lessons learned about laundry, clothing and sustainability. Laundry Day is no longer a national but an opportunity to cultivate our clothes, our planet and our well -being
Join us on this enlightening journey as we navigate in the world of the labeling label and aim
Be more aware and responsible for our day routine