Clothing labels

תוויות כביסה לטיפול בבגד

Custom washing labels for optimal laundry instructions

 Custom washing labels ensure that your clients have the laundry and grooming instructions they need to maintain the garment you have created perfectly. And as labels, we have everything you need to create your perfect label. You can also cause your textile products to look professional with personalized cloth labels

Purpose of treatment labels

Laundry instructions are an essential part of each garment. This will have significant implications for the life expectancy of your clothes, if the garment does not contain a treatment label or has incorrect laundry instructions. Clothes can shrink when they are washed at high temperatures and the color of the garment may fade quickly

This may give the user a bad impression in terms of your garment quality and the meaning that the garment should be replaced earlier, which is a waste of your hard work and resources. Fortunately, this can be easily avoided by using quality treatment labels with the right laundry instructions 

An appropriate treatment label contributes to the life expectancy of the clothes and shows where the garment is produced. You can also add more information to clothing label, such as your brand name, URL, the materials from which the garment is made or how much the environmentally friendly garment

? Which material is made of treatment labels

When ordering Manas Online  The laundry instructions you have chosen are printed on a 100% polyester label, which is a very durable and soft texture. This way you can be sure that the treatment label will be reading throughout the garment life

? How can I create a laundry label

We have created a number of varied templates of labels that give professional touch to the garment 

Choose the desired label from a category Laundry labels Or upload your own laundry label. We also give you the ability to upload your treatment label so that you can view your brand design (or anything else) alongside your product treatment instructions. For the best results, be sure to upload black and white design. If you need help, our customer service team is willing to help you upload and order the perfect laundry labels and the different types of labels you need

! We're sure you'll find The label That is appropriate For treatment In the garment That you created

Important Information

 Our laundry labels are printed on high quality fabric for most laundry resistance and soft touch

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