תוויות מידה
. Size of measures are an essential tool for anyone who sells or produces clothes to others
Labels measure information to wear if your item may match them or not
. Is it important to precise your size labels in clothing that you will improve them
? What is the industry standard and size of a scale
Labels of measurements should be unnormal and readily small and therefore planned our size labels so that the garlic clothing are removed so that they simply fall them in two vertically
.The them to stitch fabric or brand label
Our size labels come in standard size of 10/38 mm industry
You can choose the degree of your clothes, but keep in mind your customer base because facilities
The measurements are changed by country
Maintaining consistent size within your brand while ensuring generalization standards matching the
The state means that customers can count on your brand that will provide the match you choose
To understand what the dimensions of clothing is the country or in a particular territory
And we offer adequacy labels on products sold in Israel, USA, UK EU and more
? How to improve labels on textile products
You can connect extent labels in many different ways
You can sew a label dimensions directly on the lower edge or sidebar of clothing label and then
Pin her in the back neck or waist belt
It can be sewed in the same place where the laundry label is attached, or pinning alone
Elsewhere in the garment

US Sizes: Xxs, xs, s, m, l, xl, xxl

TODDLER SIZES: 1T, 2T, 3T, 4T, 5T, 6T

Baby sizes: NB, 0-3 Mo, 3-6 Mo, 6-9 Mo, 9-12 Mo, 12-18 Mo, 18-24 Mo

Number Sizes: ANY NUMBER FROM 0 TO 200

"One Size Fits All"

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